Portable Baby Winch DW-250 (Wireless and Battery Powered)

Key Features

  • Applications:
    Suitable for the areas without power supply, such as forest, farm, wilderness, under-construction building, plumbing, ect.
    Also good for outdoor activity operation like jet ski, ATV, off-road vehicles, court system.
    Save labor and time in safety and rescue applications, extremely efficient.
  • Featured:
    Lightweight,compact,easy carry, operation friendly,fine appearance,and (exciusive patented)




     Lifting Capacity : Pinned Hook:140KGPulley Hook:250KG
     Pulling Capacity 750KG
     Wire Rope 5mm x 15M(Safety Distance:14M)
     Speed Single Fall :4M/minTwo Falls:2M/min
     Power System DC 18V Rechargeable NiHM Battery
     Battery Performance 15 Min.Continuously Use With Full Loading
     Safety Device LED Loading Display
     Overloading Warning Buzzer Buzzer Sounds When Overloading Occurs.
     Battery Condition Indicator Green/Full;Yellow/Medium;Red/Weak
     Net Weight 7.5KG
     Gross Weight 16KG
     Packing L:69cm X W:16cm X H:43cm




  1. Mounting Bracket:
    Electrophoretic antirust mounting bracket is formed by 4mm-thick steel plate to connect winch and hanging point or hitch ball, suitable for lifting and pulling applications.
  2. Motor System:
    High-speed carbon brush motor, small size and high efficiency.
  3. Quick Connector:
    Industrial 2P power connector.
    Quick plug in & out for trigger switch.
    Easy installation and storage for switch.
  4. Clutch Device:
    Located on the gear housing.
    To engage, rotate the clutch clockwise.
    To free spool, rotate the clutch counterclockwise.
  5. Main Body Frame:
    Elctrophoretic antirust body frame is formed by 5mm-thick steel plate. Suitable for working environment during-10˚C to 65˚C.
  6. Quick Connector Lid:
    Well protection of connector parts against ingress
  7. Wire Rope:
    5mm x 15M galvanized steel core wire rope.
    Rotation – resistant, anti – twisted.
    Breaking load is 3 times of winch working load.
  8. Gearing System:
    With high-efficiency planetary assembiy, 4-stage gear train, 3 idle gears in each stage. High tenacity and accuracy, low noise.
    Gear housing is made from from FCD-45C casting iron material by one-piece formation, with high tenacity.
  9. Lower Hook:
    Made from alloy steel material by material by hot forging formation with high strength and safety.
    Clevis pinned, wide opening witht latch, fast installation.