Battery Baby Hoist DCH-250

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Spek DCH 250 Spek DCH250

Suitable for the areas without power supply, such as forest, farm, wilderness,
under-construction buildings, plumbing, etc.
Also good for safety and rescuing applications, extremely efficient.

Lightweight, compact, easy carry, operation friendly, fine appearance, and (exclusive patented).

The compact aluminum die-casting body with exceptional rigidity. Applied with
automobile grade powder coating.High dust-protection and water protection (IP-54).

High-speed brush motor (series wound), small size
and high efficiency.

1. Hoist w/ Chain (4.0mm x 3mtr) x 1
2. Upper Hook x 1
3. DCH-250: Lower Hook x 1
4. Lower Hook Suspension x 1
5. HDPE chain container x 1
6. Trigger Switch Control x 1
7. Rechargeable Ni-MH Battery Pack x 2
8. 100V-240V Charger & Adapter x 1
9. Portable Case x 1
10. Operation Manual x 1
11. Color Box x 1